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Fire Door Inspection & Testing

LAWRENCE DOORS provides fire door inspection and test services as required by NFPA-80* and Model Codes:

  • Rolling, Horizontal Sliding, Side-hinged Swinging, and other types of fire rated and smoke control doors and opening protectives
  • Lawrence Doors is Won-Door CERTIFIED** to inspect, test, and service Accordion Fire Doors

NFPA-80* and Model Codes require that:

  • All fire doors must be inspected and tested at least annually
  • Testing must be done by individuals with knowledge and understanding** of the operating components of the door type being tested (a trained door systems technician)
  • A written inspection & test record must be kept for the local Authority Having Jurisdiction

* NFPA 80 is the Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives published by the National Fire Protection Association.

** Only Won-Door CERTIFIED companies & technicians have the factory-authorized training, education, and diagnostic equipment necessary to properly inspect, test, and service FireGuard accordion fire doors.

We provide a detailed Inspection and Test Form as your required documentation, and attach a serialized Inspection and Test Record Label to each fire door we inspect and test.

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