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Door & Gate Operators

LAWRENCE DOORS is your automation headquarters for motor operators, access controls, and accessories for all different types of doors and gates.

Roll-Up Doors, Fire Doors and Grilles

  • Efficient in-line gear drive systems
  • Heavy-duty and medium-duty models
  • Compact low-profile designs normally fit within the height of the door coil
  • Auxiliary chain hoist or release for emergency manual operation during power loss (on most units)

Sectional Doors

  • Chain, belt and gear drive systems
  • Trolley/drawbar models for doors with standard lift track
  • Jackshaft/hoist models for doors with any type track
  • Auxiliary chain hoist or release for emergency manual operation during power loss

Sliding Doors

  • Single-slide & bi-parting models
  • Available for non-rated and fire-rated doors

Slide & Swing Gates

  • Variety of drive system options
  • Master/slave units for dual-gate applications

Controls, Accessories & Modifications

  • Sensing devices (to stop/reverse door or gate prior to or upon contact with an obstruction)*
  • Push-button, key and digital controls
  • Remote radio controls (transmitter/receiver)
  • Vehicle and motion detectors
  • Warning devices, timers, interlocks, and other accessories
  • Wiring modifcations for system function requirements
  • Environmental modifications for wet, industrial, corrosive or explosive environments

* Per the requirements of UL Standard 325, the door operator must be provided with an actuating device requiring constant pressure to close the door. As an alternative, the door may be provided with a device that will reverse the door upon contact with an obstruction during closing.

Not all services and products are available from all locations.

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