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Sectional Doors

LAWRENCE DOORS is an authorized distributor of quality sectional door products manufactured by Northwest Door, Raynor Garage Doors and others.

Door Types

  • Steel sections – ribbed or flush
  • Insulated steel sections – laid-in-place or foamed-in-place with steel or plastic back sheet
  • Wood panels – raised or flush
  • Steel sections or wood panels with vision windows or full glazing

Track Configurations

  • Low lift – for minimal clearance above the top of the opening (limited availability)
  • Standard lift – tracks break back approximately 18″ above the top of the opening
  • High-lift – tracks go up the wall and break back closer to the ceiling/roof
  • Inclined lift – tracks go up the wall and follow the incline of the ceiling/roof
  • Vertical lift – tracks go straight up the wall (wall height must be 2x the opening height plus 12″)
  • Bracket or angle mount as dictated by door type and jamb construction

Operation Methods

  • Manual push-up on small sizes
  • Chain hoist on larger sizes
  • Motor operation optional on all sizes

Not all services and products are available from all locations.

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