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Pacific Rolling Doors

Pacific Rolling Door was founded in 1946 in the San Francisco bay area, where it continued to operate as a family owned business until 2003. During that time, Pacific established an unparalleled standard of excellence and a reputation for innovation and quality.

PRD, as it was also known, developed custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Unique projects were common place, including doors with dimensions over 60 ft. wide or high, doors that coiled down to open, special designs for military applications, and unusual product features such as “snow-locks”.

As shopping mall development thrived, Pacific turned its focus to the increasing demand for grille products. Their innovation led the way, as they claimed to have originated the use of steel tubes as the grille support system now taken for granted as a common method of installing storefront doors and grilles.

For many years, Pacific has been a principal vendor to several companies involved in the development and manufacturing of passenger loading bridges for commercial aircraft.

In June 2008, Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc. purchased assets of the former Pacific Rolling Door from Alumatek-Pacific. The assets purchased include the Pacific Rolling Door name, phone numbers, contacts, manufacturing equipment, tooling, intellectual property, and UL fire door listings/procedures. Select replacement parts for various Pacific Rolling Door products, including parts for Pacific fire doors and counter fire doors, remain available from Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc.

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